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Web Developer
Title:Web Developer
Department:Information Technology
Location:Aurora, CO
Web Developer Experience must be in the last 3-5 years

Minimum High School Diploma

Experience Level: 10+ Years.

Skill Set:
Must be proficient in current HTML standards and aware of the differences between all the HTML version standards as adopted by the W3C, as well as future W3C standards, which are constantly being developed.
Must be proficient in JavaScript, DHTML, and XML.
Must be able to write server-side dynamic web pages such as Active Server Pages (ASP), ASPX using VBScript/VB.
Must be familiar with all types of online security schemes, and also with COM objects and similar techniques.
Must know how to optimize all formats for online viewing.
Must be proficient in: Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Visual InterDev, Visual Studio.NET, Notepad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat.
Must be able to write and debug code in straight text format, without the help of a GUI interface. 

Key applications: .
NET applications, SQL server, Bootstrap framework, knockout.js (not required, but a plus).
Configuration management understanding is a bonus.
Quickly adapt to change.
Full stack development experience, knowledgeable in Angular and Node.

Basic Requirements:
Needs to be extremely flexible to work with new technology, and day to day changes.
Ideal candidate would be someone that can solve a new puzzle on their own.
Likes and enjoys new challenges and comes up with various ways to how they would approach a new problem.

General Duties:
This is highly responsible work maintaining and maturing web presence, both Internet and Intranet.
Will be responsible for creation of concept, design, testing and maintenance of web sites, pages and applications.
Will meet frequently with staff before and during project, to ascertain requirements, and also afterwards to train staff in the proper maintenance of web pages and proper use of web applications.
General duties will include advising web developers and management on all aspects of web development from technology to functionality to graphics. 

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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